Saturday, August 14, 2021



Is life a sexually transmitted disease?

Can human beings manipulate the weather?

Which country controls the river Nile?

Can AIDS be cured?

What the hell went wrong in Rwanda in 1994?

Is North Korea an immediate threat to world peace?

Can human beings be cloned?

Are we really special creations or just Storytelling Apes?

Believe it or not, all these questions are answered in a single collection of short stories: 'KISS, COMMANDER, PROMISE'. (And we haven't even talked about the humour and love pursuits yet!) Order your autographed copy today.

Title: 'Kiss, Commander, Promise'
Author: Alexander Nderitu
Format: Paperback
Category: Fiction/Short stories
Price: USD$ 10 (KSHS 1000)
Payment methods: Cash, MPESA or PayPal

"A seriously thrilling collection of short stories. From espionage to crimes of passion to tragic love stories. Alexander Nderitu's heavily researched anthology is proof that Kenyan writers have come of age, ready to compete with international big guns." - Ciki Kimani-Mwaniki, author of the Cocktail book series

"Alexander Nderitu's writing flows effortlessly from genre to genre." - Mwikali Lati, Business Daily

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