Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rhythm of Life (poem)

Allow me to scuttle the scandalous notion
That our athletes come out on top
By exerting themselves or befriending catheine,
For I know full well that it is rhythmic motion
That makes them the cream of the crop.
(High-altitude training also deserves a mention
For it toughens up the blood in the vein.)

Falling into a rhythm is the secret to which you must adhere
If you want the spectators to marvel and cheer,
For the body remains relaxed and the mind clear,
Moving like a Boeing 747 on autopilot.
The alternative to this formula, I fear,
Is to strain and stretch like a malfunctioning robot,
Hating yourself and cursing your Maker!

There’s rhythm in the beating of the heart,
Rhythm in the way we breathe,
Rhythm in the proud step of a cat,
Rhythm in the buzzing on the bees
(And, I suspect, in the jumping of fleas.)
There’s rhythm to the dancing of the ‘rumba’
And rhythm in the sunnier ‘samba’.

All this rhythm goes into the making
Of the larger Music of Life,
As all religions converge in the larger thought of God.
There’s rhythm in the bonding that unites husband and wife,
Rhythm in the hymns sung unto the Lord,
Rhythm in sea motion, rhythm in all creation -
Take time to listen to the rhythm of life.

(c) Alex N Nderitu

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