Friday, November 26, 2010

Everything You Know is Wrong!

I now understand why too much reading is not recommended:
Everything I thought I knew has been stood on its head.
Want an example? - I‘ll give you ten instead:
Bees are lazy but their buzzing covers a multitude of sins
Black panthers are just leopards with dark skins
School teachers had given up on Albert Einstein
There are more solar system planets beyond Pluto
There are more than seven colours in the rainbow
A guinea pig resembles a real pig as Winter resembles Fall
The universe isn’t infinite after all
You see with your brain not your eyes
(Anyone who says different is spreading lies)
A spider’s silk is stronger than brass
And bamboo is a type of grass.
The way things are going, I might soon learn
That I’m actually some god like Apollo or Pan
Who fell asleep and, in a strange turn,
Dreamt that he was a mortal – a puny “human” –
And that there was life on the third rock from the sun!

(c) Alex N Nderitu

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