Friday, November 26, 2010

Flying Jaws (poem)

A good many creatures subsist in the sea;
Some have legs and some have fins,
Some dart about but some hardly move an inch!
But of all these, the most interesting to me
Is the Great White Shark – oh, yes, siree!

“Carcharodon carharias” (“Mr. Shark” to you and me)
Is as big as a bus and shaped like a winged missile
And he can launch himself right out of the sea
As he sometimes does on spotting a swimming seal.
His crescent-shaped mouth has three thousand teeth
And his ‘breaching’ feats leave people in such awe
That they have nicknamed him ‘Flying Jaws.’

I’d love to swim with – or even touch – old sharkie
But I very much doubt that that will ever be:
This sickle-mouthed predator is hardly touchy-feely
And I wonder how he gets kids, being so solitary.
If I dived down to say, ‘Howdie!’
One of his six senses would lock on to me
And those big jaws are the last thing I would see!

(c) Alex N Nderitu

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