Friday, November 26, 2010

Straight Outta Africa (rap)

Title: Straight Outta Africa (or 'United States of Africa') (clean version)
Genre: Jazz/rap
Songwriter(s):  Alexander Nderitu

Before I leave the building like Elvis, I just want to say this:
A renaissance is coming to Africa, but make no mistake –
The renaissance will be no passing fad!

The Renaissance will not make your butt look better in jeans
 Or make your face look ten years younger.
The Renaissance will not be yet another Reality TV show;
It will not be interrupted by thirty-second commercials
Extolling the virtues of ‘lite’ beer
Or the latest herbal, breath-freshening, toothpaste.
The Renaissance will not be brought to you by a multinational.
The Renaissance will not be introduced by a pretty TV presenter.
The Renaissance will not be based on a New York Times bestseller
Or adapted for screen by this or that Hollywood scriptwriter.
The Renaissance will not be aiming for high ratings
Or be beamed to your living room via satellite technology.
You will not require a satellite dish or signals decoder.
The Renaissance will not help in the search for ‘The Apprentice’
Or be instrumental in the discovery of the next pop star.

The Renaissance will ignite fire in the hearts and minds of the people.
The Renaissance will star ordinary men and women.
The Renaissance will restore Africa’s lost glory.
The Renaissance will make this continent a better place
For you, your children and your children’s children.
Yes, The Renaissance has both purpose and meaning.

“When will the Great Renaissance come?” you ask.
But The Renaissance has already began, my friends.
Just as the beginnings of all rivers are trickles,
Just as the seeds of all great trees are barely visible,
Just as a seagull flapping its wings can alter weather patterns forever,
The stirrings of The African Renaissance are small but profound.
One day – one sweet day! –
We will have a United States of Africa!
One continent, one country, one people!
Viva the Renaissance!
Viva United States of Africa!

(c) Alex N Nderitu

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