Sunday, August 9, 2015


'Artists often have a hard time getting their art work out there and appreciated. And it's not because it's not good work. It could be amazing work. But it's because you don't have the marketing/communication skills to let people know what you are doing.' - Evan Carmicheal, entrepreneurial advisor, on 'How to Promote Your Book Without Spending Money'

‘The reality is that as artists, you are a business. You are a brand. And marketing is as much a part of selling toothpaste as it is selling art…To make money in art is not “selling out” and unfortunately, many artists feel that way.’ - Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of DNA 11/Canvas Pop

In this workshop, you will learn about:

• Marketing Basics
• Frontal Assault - The News Release
• J. Conrad Levinson’s ‘200 Marketing Weapons’
• Authors in Marketing - Tales From the Battlefield
• Network Marketing – Forging Strategic Alliances!
• Author Branding
• E-mail Marketing - The Stealth Weapon!
• Book Technologies
• ‘NicheCraft’
• Publicity vs Advertising
• Content Marketing
...Among other tactics

BONUS ARSENAL: ‘Changing Kenya’s Literary Landscape (2012 Onwards): ’ - A highly acclaimed research e-paper to give you the intelligence information you need before storming the literary scene!

PLUS: Selected videos on literature and marketing.