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'See, how can you murder another brother because he's weak?
Your ancestors could have been cousins, so take a seat
And try and reason with your brother, fam, before you beef
I'm just a spectator looking in from my view
I'm not different or special, I'm just like you
Bleed blood and shed tears when my heart's hurting
I get energy from everything in life, I'm learning
How to say my thoughts, release my stress through my words'
- From 'Spectator', a song by Logic (UK rapper)
A female student is rescued from the contact zone by a KDF soldier (Photo:
 The ‘One Million Project’ (OMP) Thriller Anthology is A gripping short story collection by 40 authors from around the world who have come together to raise money in the fight against cancer and homelessness. All OMP proceeds after production costs will go to cancer research and to homeless charities. One of the tales in the e-book is a fictionalized account of the 2nd April 2015 Garissa College terrorist attack. On that day, heavily armed Al-Shabaab militants (an Al-Qaeda offshoot) stormed the Garissa University College in north-eastern Kenya, killing 148 people and injuring 79 others. The attackers were themselves killed by security agents in the ensuing rescue mission. The commemorative short story, authored by Alexander Nderitu, is titled Live From Garissa.

Alexander Nderitu, a Business Daily ‘Top 40 Under 40’ personality, is a Kenyan novelist, poet and playwright. His other works of fiction include include When the Whirlwind Passes (Kenya’s first e-novel), Kiss Commander Promise (short stories)  and The Moon is made of Green Cheese (poetry). 

The One Million Project is a global network of writers working together to raise £1,000,000 for charity (Cancer Research UK and the homeless charity EMMAUS). This year, they released three themed anthologies (Thriller, Fantasy and Fiction), each featuring forty short stories.
Key people in the book project included:
Jason Greenfield (UK) - Editor / Project Coordinator. He compiled the entire anthology.
Sue Baron (USA) – Thriller Anthology Editor
Soleil Daniels (USA) – Editor / Project Manager 

The OMP: Thriller Anthology was launched in the UK on 20th February 2018 and is available worldwide via ( 079KHF6ZH)

Title: One Million Project: Thriller Anthology
Format: Amazon Kindle Edition
Print Length: 486 pages
ISBN: 1985031272
Author: Various
Publisher: OMP Publishing (20 Feb. 2018)
Language: English


Short Stories for Charity from Around the Globe — One Million Project 


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