Friday, November 5, 2021


by Alexander Nderitu,
Very happy to receive my copy of "MAINTENTANT 15" which includes my poem, "Paradise is Lost". Enriched by a long list of contributors and very artistically designed (including graphics and photos), this big book of avant garde writing is of much higher quality than I imagined. I haven't been this excited to be in an anthology since two of my poems appeared in the "World Poetry Almanac" pre-Covid-19.

"MAINTENANT 15" was published by Three Rooms Press. The 2021 edition of the premiere journal of contemporary dada writing and art considers humankind past and present with a collection of contemporary dada art and writing driven by the theme “HUMANITY: THE REBOOT.” More than 242 creators from 31 countries establish that social protest can be creatively achieved via risk-taking art. The premier journal gathering the work of internationally-renowned contemporary Dada artists and writers, MAINTENANT 15 offers compelling proof that Dada continue to serve as a catalyst to creators more than a century later.

Early reviews:

“A compilation of leading Dada-influenced artists from around the world." ―TRIBE LA Magazine

“Excellent examples of collage and montage techniques . . . Interesting visual poems.” ―Portland Book Review

"Contemporary art and writing ranging from collages and acrylics to new digital art motifs and using computers to create art . . . As always it brings an interesting perspective.” ―Manhattan Book Review

“Though people expect Dada to be silly, and sometimes it is here, it is also often political and usually poignant. . . It’s quite a smorgasbord for those who are sick and tired of it.” ―Seattle Book Review

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