Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maybe (poem)

Maybe there’ll be a return to Paradise,
Maybe mankind will reverse environmental degradation,
Maybe poachers will give elephants and rhinos a break,
Maybe the Sahara will turn back into a lake,
Maybe there’ll be a farewell to arms,
Maybe the clouds of war will drift away
And the sun of peace will shine down on us,
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll live to be a hundred,
Maybe MTV will go back to playing music
Instead showing us houses and cars,
Maybe people will no longer be judged by skin colour,
Maybe Martin Luther King Jr. will speak again!
Maybe Mandela will rule again,
Maybe Michael Jackson will be black again.
Maybe the pharaohs will rise again,
Maybe the Vikings will sail again,
Maybe John Wayne will ride again,
Maybe Princess Di will smile again,
Maybe Jackie O. will shine again,
Maybe Marilyn Monroe will love again,
Maybe the dinosaurs will breathe again,
Maybe the world will be more sane…
But I somehow doubt it.

(c) Alex N Nderitu

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