Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do (poem)

The other day, I decided to go to the zoo
Because I was bored and needed something to do.
The biggest visitor crowd was watching the monkeys
As they played around, running up and down the trees.
The zoo keeper informed us that the monkeys could imitate with ease
And he proved it by pretending to sneeze.
Immediately, one of the human-like primates also gave a sneeze
And cooed when the keeper made a coo;
Whatever, the keeper did, the monkey did, too.
The keeper said, ‘Monkeys have a knack for imitation.
We call this behaviour, “Monkey see, monkey do.” ‘

Coming back to the city, I met a friend named Sue
Who could have walked on a glass sheet without falling through.
She said, ‘These days, you have to be thin to be in.
I want to look like the girls in the fashion magazines,
That’s why I haven’t eaten a complete meal since I was a teen.’
And then there was this boy whose outfit beggared description.
He wore so much metallic jewellery that if lightning struck,
He would have been the first to get an electrocution.
He said, ‘Yo, straight up, this is the hottest fashion:
Chains are the thing to rock – it’s all about representation.’
I asked him whereabouts he got his fashion ideas from
And he said, ‘Them music videos – don’t you watch television?’
As I went home, I decided that the city was just like the zoo
Where the attitude was ‘Monkey see, monkey do.’

(c) Alex N Nderitu

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