Saturday, May 7, 2011

If I Were a Calypsonian (Poem)

If I were a Calypsonian, like David Rudder,
I would write a love song for my lover
And dress it up with colourful descriptions
Of her beauty and grace and sense of fashion.
Sweet lyrics I would compose for my Significant Other;
To make her blush and forget her anger.

If I were a Calypsonian, like Mighty Sparrow,
I would compose a vibrant song for the Carnival;
With a horn section and strong African beats
That would have all the girls dancing in the streets
In their outlandish costumes and accessories.

If I were a Calypsonian, like Lord Kitchener,
I would tell a hundred tales, all in Calypso,
Of love and life and matters political,
In order to educate and entertain the listener.
I would be the poor man’s newspaper.

If I were a Calypsonian, like Lord Melody,
I would be the leader of a big steel band.
And I would sing funny songs about moms and dads,
Sons and daughters, sexy women and crooked politicians.
My band would tour all over Trinidad
And revive the Calypso art throughout the Caribbean.

(c) Alex N Nderitu

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